Case Studies

A Reliable One-Stop Shop

When Energizer needs to refurbish old equipment, repair barcode scanners or buy new technology, TRG is the national company’s preferred vendor. That’s because TRG makes it easy to do business. “TRG makes my job life easier, and that is invaluable,” says Rob Mastnardo, SAP GEMS Application/Project Manager, Energizer.

Energizer had been working with a competitor of TRG but switched when it realized that TRG could offer the benefits of a local headquarters and aggressive pricing for all barcode scanners. Plus, Energizer’s TRG sales representative, Eric Glass, went the extra mile to develop relationships with all of Energizer’s distribution centers. This, along with TRG’s relationships with the warehouses, makes working with TRG a stress-free experience. Convenience translates to efficiency in time and cost.

“I like that TRG is local so I can always check in and physically check on a pending repair,” Mastnardo says. And when his schedule’s too tight for face time, he relies on the web portal Repair Watch, which allows him to track all repairs in real time.

When it’s time to refurbish old equipment, “TRG is the best resource,” Mastnardo says. And he always obtains quotes on new product pricing from TRG because he knows that the company values the relationship with Energizer.

“It’s our first year under contract with TRG for repairs, and we couldn’t be more satisfied,” Mastnardo says.

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