Case Studies

Replacement Wasn’t an Option

Flint Group, based in Plymouth, Michigan, serves the global printing, converting and colorant industries and has about 40 branches throughout the United States. Collectively, they own about 200 barcode scanners and 125 barcode printers that are off-warranty. Manufacturers will no longer support the products, and neither will many other service providers. Flint Group was having a tough time finding a reliable company to repair their legacy equipment, until they learned about TRG.

TRG assured Flint Group that their 12-year-old scanners could remain in service for at least three more years. Flint Group was relieved to learn that they could save significantly by repairing perfectly good equipment, so they signed a two-year contract with TRG and found out how easy it is to save money.

TRG knows that downtime can damage a company’s bottom line, which is where free Spare In The Air Service comes into play. TRG maintains a small pool of Flint Group’s replacement equipment at its Repair Depot. That way, if one of Flint Group’s branches has an equipment failure, TRG can ship a replacement to that location the same day.

Flint Group likes hearing that their scanners will last longer, and when they’re ready to replace their current technology, they will turn to TRG for reliable refurbished products.

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