Case Studies

Solutions for Retailers

When Lord & Taylor department store needed to fulfill hardware requirements at its distribution center, the retailer called on TRG for reliable, refurbished hand-held barcode scanners. Purchasing pre-owned equipment helped Lord & Taylor keep operating costs down and fill a technology gap. The deal was a win-win.

Meanwhile, at Lord & Taylor’s Fifth Avenue store in New York City, personnel use palm-style barcode scanners. When the depot contract with the original manufacturer of these units was close to expiring, Lord & Taylor began shopping for a more cost-effective, convenient outlet for repairs.

After a positive experience purchasing refurbished equipment from TRG, Lord & Taylor investigated TRG’s maintenance depot services, and the company were impressed. Lord & Taylor decided to move that business from the manufacturer to TRG, and now TRG services all of the barcode scanning devices in the store’s vast shoe department.

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