On Time, On Location

Prestige Delivery Systems had always managed the repairs of bar scanner equipment and printers in-house. But between the new and legacy equipment the company owns, it needed more firepower to manage technology issues. So Prestige Delivery called on TRG to manage the overflow of barcode scanner and printer repair—and today, that amounts to about 5,000 units plus some IT equipment.

Because TRG is located in close proximity to Prestige Delivery—an Garfield Heights, Ohio-based firm—the company can take advantage of TRG’s on-site services. Meanwhile, Prestige uses the online, real-time tracking tool Repair Watch often.

“TRG makes my life easier,” says Rob Fails, IS Manager, Prestige Delivery Systems. “TRG has a reputation for its high-quality repair and ability to take care of a company’s problem fast—and we found that to be true.”

Fails says the fast turn-around and service with attention to detail is what Prestige Delivery really appreciates about TRG. “We have a relationship with TRG that I envision will grow,” Fails says. 

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