Case Studies

A High-Volume Customer with Big Maintenance Needs

Volvo was looking for one service provider to call for repairing barcode scanners and printers. The catch was, some of Volvo’s sophisticated printers are the size of a conference room, so the company needed a firm that could provide on-site repair. If one of those printers goes down, it can’t be shipped to a repair depot. Volvo also needed a repair partner that could manage a vast inventory of barcode scanners. TRG currently manages repair on at least 3,500 line items for the company.

An honest discussion with Volvo was first priority. The fact is, no company provides on-site printer repair for the type of equipment Volvo has and offers barcode scanning services on off-warranty devices. But TRG engineered a solution for Volvo, relying on its close network of vendors who provide support services.

Volvo calls one phone number at TRG for all of its concerns.  TRG dispatches experienced technicians to the Volvo site to repair a printer; or TRG manages the repair of hand-held devices at its own headquarters. Volvo likes that one call to one person solves any problem.

When Volvo is ready to invest in new equipment, they can call that same number and access a wide selection of cutting edge products or cost-effective refurbished equipment. After just six months, TRG has become Volvo’s preferred vendor for service and sales.

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