Extending the Life of Equipment with Technology Repair

Having tech equipment functioning at optimal levels keeps companies running smoothly and reduces headaches for users, leadership and the IT team. When something’s not working quite as it should, the top of the FAQs is whether to repair the equipment or replace it outright. Companies sometimes rush to replace production hardware even when it’s more […]

Broken Hardware: When to Repair vs. Replace

Great. It’s the middle of busy season, and an integral piece of technology is on the fritz. Perhaps a rushed employee dropped their tablet. Or an emphatically gesturing manager knocked coffee onto the barcode scanner. Maybe the POS system is suddenly freezing with each transaction attempt. Should the company try to repair the broken equipment? […]

Payment Technology: Where Are We, and What’s Next?

Gone are the days when cash was undisputed king. Today’s payment landscape includes a variety of methods, including the more traditional cash, checks, debit and credit cards as well as relative newcomers like mobile wallets, voice-driven purchases, Bluetooth-enabled payments, and cryptocurrencies. While cash isn’t disappearing anytime soon, it’s the combination of options that consumers appreciate […]

8 Ways Retail Mobility Solutions Lead to a Better Customer Experience

Retailers know the strain of trying to satisfy customers in a world where people favor convenience, instant gratification, and personalization. The convenience factor plays a significant role — particularly during high-volume cycles when checkout queues get long, inventory and schedules get tight, and even tempers get short. More and more, the retail experience is trending away […]