Barcode Scanners

TRG is a barcode scanner supplier for businesses in need of barcode readers.

Your Data Is Important

TRG supplies businesses with high-quality barcode scanners that allow companies to quickly access and record information.

Barcode scanners are a huge part of day-to-day operations for many businesses. From grocery stores to hospitals, wireless, handheld, and other barcode scanners allow your business to quickly and easily convey information. There are many areas where barcodes and barcode scanners are used, including:

  • Manufacturing production lines
  • Warehousing and storage centers
  • Retail point of sale
  • Hospitals and healthcare settings
  • Sporting and other entertainment events
  • Product shipping and rental companies

Barcode Readers for Your Business

No matter your industry or environment, TRG can help you find the barcode readers you need to succeed. We offer a wide variety of quality barcode scanners and can work with you to find the barcode reader that best fits your environment and application.

TRG also helps you after you’ve ordered your barcode scanners. As the leading mobile managed solutions and service provider in the industry, we provide premium depot repair services for barcode scanners and other mobile devices.

Your business needs information to succeed. Contact us today about wireless barcode scanners and other barcode readers for your business.