Scaling Your Mobility Program Across Borders Smartly and Efficiently (Part 1)

The Challenges of a Global Enterprise Mobility Program It’s a new year, and your mobility program looks good. The right balance of internal management and external partnerships have delivered on employee satisfaction and competitiveness — and all within fiscal expectations. It’s not an unrealistic situation for many organizations with mature mobility programs.  However, if we zoom out, […]

3 Important Generation Z Consumer Insights for Payments

What’s So Special About the Youngest Generation? Generation Z, defined as people born from 1997 onward (note that this starting date varies by different reports and research experts), is currently the youngest generation. These digital natives were the first to grow up with immediate access to the Internet and other digital resources. Because of this, Generation […]

Enterprise Enrollment: What’s the Right Approach for You?

What’s Your Enterprise Enrollment Strategy? Enterprise mobility is on the rise — and has been for a few years. While only 26% of U.S. companies provide their workers with a mobile device, that number is expected to increase alongside the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend. For the latter, more than 70% of companies are at a point where […]

The TRG 2019 Technology Year in Review

The TRG Team Has Accomplished Quite a Bit Throughout 2019 This past year has been a significant one for TRG. We’ve launched a number of new services, products, and solutions, and we’ve shared a wealth of knowledge on topics ranging from warehouse optimization to payment technology. It’s been a banner year, and we’re proud of all […]

Finding the Right Retail Payment Hardware Solutions

Your organization has determined that it is time to implement new hardware in your store, but how do you go about looking for the right retail payment hardware? Purchasing new hardware and equipment can be exciting for any organization, especially if it has been some time since this last occurred. What are the latest trends that […]

Why Efficient Retail Payment Solutions for Stores is Necessary

As you may know, retail is making a transition into a more fast-paced environment. Now, any reduction in speed due to faulty or outdated equipment may cost your business not just downtime, but also money. In order to avoid losing out on revenue, your best option is to gain an understanding of what it is that […]

How to Manage Retail Payment Processing in Your Store

Think about how you have been purchasing goods and services in just the last decade. Perhaps at the beginning of that time, you were clipping coupons or trying to determine which store had the best deals by skimming through advertisements before you head out the door. Maybe you were someone who adopted online shopping during […]

What Are the Best Hardware Planning Practices?

When the time comes for your company to update and roll out new technology, the last thing you want to do is be unprepared. Following the best hardware planning practices will allow you to have a smooth and easy transition ensuring you stay ahead of the curve and continue to provide excellent customer service. Best Hardware […]

How Mature is Your Mobile Security? Understanding Mobile Security Maturation

It cannot be understated how important it is to have exemplary mobile security. With the current trend being more businesses and organizations moving most if not all information to mobile — such as the use of mobile business applications and cloud storage — mobile security maturation should be at the top of the list. With that […]

Is Your Unified Endpoint Management Strategy in Place?

As more companies and organizations make the shift to accommodate and manage remote workers, the issue of privacy, security, and connectivity may arise. From our own personal information to that of our customers, it is crucial in this day and age to have a secure, reliable, and up-to-date Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) strategy that ensures […]