As enterprise mobility becomes more and more prevalent — and complex — with BYOD policies, remote workforces, and rapidly changing operating systems, in-house IT departments are tasked with everything from device procurement to configuration to security to coordinating repairs and replacements to acting as the help desk. It can be overwhelming … and expensive.

Many companies are reaping the benefits of utilizing third-party enterprise mobility services to assist with some or all of these responsibilities. Though a piecemeal approach to mobility is definitely a step above managing it all in-house, mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) simplifies and streamlines enterprise mobility lifecycle management.

What is MaaS?

MaaS combines hardware, software, services, and analytics into one single, predictable monthly subscription. Packages can be customized to meet the needs of each individual organization and include things like device configuration, warranties, help desk and support, data protection, and cellular data services.

Typically, MaaS encompasses both consultative and operational services, giving companies access to experts who specialize in enterprise mobility management as well as the tools needed to keep devices secure and users satisfied. A single point of contact, the MaaS platform consolidates supplier contracts, billing agreements, security threats, and more into an easily digestible service that handles all devices and technology in one place — through one vendor.

Benefits of MaaS Programs

Good providers use real people who are experts at enterprise mobility and everything it entails. They not only do all the legwork to keep things up and running, but they research pricing and devices and work with companies to find the most appropriate solutions within their budget. They do a continuous cost analysis to monitor usage and coverage while making recommendations for preemptive device replacement to lessen or mitigate security risks and vulnerabilities.

Taking it a step further, MaaS gives users a customized, high-quality experience that includes the full lifecycle of mobile devices and applications, all for one monthly price. The flat fee creates a predictable budget, aligning expense budgets with ROI and revenues.

The concept of a MaaS program is flexible by nature, with the ability to add devices and services based on the company’s evolving technology needs and goals. Getting enterprise mobility management through a subscription model means that a company has access to a huge pool of devices and services on demand, speeding up the approval and roll-out process while eliminating the need for large capital costs.

Perhaps an even bigger benefit is the peace of mind knowing there are experts who live and breathe enterprise mobility management taking care of identifying, preventing, and addressing potential issues, assessing security risks, and providing the company with support and advice that saves time, money, and sanity.

Challenges MaaS Helps to Overcome

Many companies find that the cost to equip a large workforce with devices is not only a huge upfront expense, but also a repeated expense every few years as devices depreciate, technology evolves, and needs change. MaaS programs help to mitigate that cost by rotating in new devices every few years without the significant cost investment.

Likewise, as rugged and mobile devices need to be repaired or replaced on a normal basis, costs can build up quickly. MaaS eliminates the buried and wasted costs in a mobile operator agreement for replacing damaged and stolen devices.

One of the major reasons organizations choose to go with a vendor for enterprise mobility management is for the return on investment (ROI). Because MaaS is a leasing program for enterprise mobility management, it’s typically lower than a full-blown capital equipment investment. With ROI being a top priority for proving effective and efficient program expenses, companies can realize ROI and positive results much sooner.

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