Over a series of three posts, we’ll be covering three examples of advanced labeling and adhesive tools and applications. Using these advanced methods, companies can improve reliability in their warehouse operations with specialty adhesive, security and performance in their assets with polyimide, and security in data transfer with RFID labeling. Let’s get started.

Clear and efficient asset labeling helps streamline workflow by keeping equipment and devices identifiable, organized, accessible, and ready to use. As such, asset labels and tags are integral to all kinds of hardware use. 

Unfortunately, workplace conditions don’t always cooperate with the industrial adhesives needed to make functional asset tags. From tags that fall off thanks to environmental factors to those that adhere too strongly, ruining boxes or leaving sticky residue on hands and equipment, there are a number of considerations when choosing an appropriate industrial adhesive for asset tags.

Thankfully, there’s a technology available that eliminates some of the common problems that legacy adhesives haven’t been able to address. 

A Bond No Matter the Surface

TRG EternaMark is a new form of a tried-and-true solution, ideal for use with labels in any environment, including those that are required to be sterile. With it, you can create functional asset tags that will never fall off, regardless of material conditions such as condensation, vibration, or exposure to the elements. 

Hospitals, research facilities, and manufacturing environments all require sterile and reliable labeling solutions for their equipment and devices. While many businesses don’t put a lot of thought into their labeling options, the wrong label choice can cost time and money, not to mention pose safety hazards, in these environments. 

Many industrial adhesives require pristine application conditions. If dirt or dust is present, they stick to that instead of to the equipment, resulting in lost labels and wasted time at best, and a dangerous communication breakdown at worst. TRG EternaMark adheres with ease to dust, dirt, sand, and all kinds of grit and stays on until you want it to come off.

TRG EternaMark can also stick to wet surfaces with no effect on its bonding ability. Many dispersion adhesives work by forming bonds through the hardening of polymer components as water within the adhesive evaporates. Unfortunately, too much water forms layers on equipment surfaces that prevent the adhesive from forming a solid bond. TRG EternaMark doesn’t have this limitation and can stick to any surface, wet or not. It can even be applied to a wet surface, left until the surface is dry, and then removed or repositioned with no problem.

Chemicals can also wreak havoc with asset labels. Spills or other chemical exposure can dissolve adhesives or obscure label codes, especially in high-demand environments where workers don’t have time to treat labeled equipment with kid gloves. TRG EternaMark is chemical-resistant — it will never fall off or dissolve. Its unique formula turns black in the presence of chemicals or extreme heat and then fades to its original appearance when conditions return to normal. This makes potential hazards immediately apparent to equipment users while maintaining the integrity of the labeling system.  

Adhesives should be sticky and asset tags need to stay put — until they don’t. One of the most difficult balances to strike is in finding an adhesive that keeps its integrity but can be removed or repositioned when necessary. Specialty adhesive is easily removable, with no sticky residue to contaminate hands or equipment — because no one has time to spend hours picking and peeling at labels. It can also be easily repositioned, keeping its same adhesive strength when moved to a new location.

Walking the Talk

At TRG, we have the equipment and devices throughout our facility and in the hands of our clients — all of which need labels. We’ve recently updated our asset labeling to TRG EternaMark

We use TRG EternaMark for all of our internal asset labeling and labeling devices, specifically because we value the appearance, integrity, and convenience it offers. We have found it to be an ideal solution to our own challenges with small, difficult to read labels that damaged assets and took hours to remove. 

From our own experience, we know that TRG EternaMark forms a solid, reliable bond that is able to be removed and repositioned quickly and easily with no residue or damage to equipment. 

TRG has the experience and capability to find ideal adhesive solutions for the most delicate and the most extreme environments. Contact us to learn more about how we use TRG EternaMark and to see if it can help with your unique asset labeling needs.