Mobile Device Buyback Program

TRG offers a mobile device buyback program for your outdated mobile equipment.

TRG Is One Of The Largest Buyers Of Pre-Owned Barcode Scanners and Data Collection Equipment

Instead of letting outdated barcode scanners and other mobile devices sit in storage for years, you can trade them in and make back some money thanks to the TRG buyback program. Even if the equipment is obsolete, you can trade in your old scanners and barcode printers for cash. Not only will you earn some extra money to put toward new and improved hardware and software for your business, you’ll also be able to move on from that old collection of equipment that was gathering dust in your backroom.

Sell Your Unused Mobile Equipment to TRG

There’s no need to hold on to obsolete mobile equipment. Our team of professionals are experts in mobile device management . Once you decide to trade in your old gear, our experts will evaluate everything to give you a fair return for your surplus scanners and printers.

Whether you’re trading in equipment to make room for new mobile devices or just clearing space in a warehouse, TRG can help. Contact us today about our trading in your old mobile devices through our buyback program.