24/7 Help Desk

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TRG Help Desk

If you have a mobile fleet, you know that device and network malfunctions can happen anywhere, any time. TRG offers phone support for its Mobile Managed Services customers.

TRG 24/7 Help Desk: 1.877.852.8740

TRG Help Desk Level 1 (Triage)

If an end-user has an issue with a device or their wireless network, they can call the help desk. This level of support will attempt to resolve the issue. Using simple buttons, the TRG Help Desk can perform complex tasks such as retrieving diagnostic information or application logs, executing scripts or application fixes, rebooting devices or even rebuilding device profiles over the air. TRG Help desk staff use this information to discern between hardware, system software, or application software issues. Depending on what our staff figures out a unit swap may be triggered, or if the issue cannot be resolved it is escalated to level two.

TRG Help Desk Level 2

At level two, a second level of expertise will diagnose using MDM tools and other debugging tools available in the device. Our security ensures TRG Help Desk operatives only have access to agreed tenants and functions. After diagnosing the issue, the OS of the device may be upgraded, or it will be escalated to engineering, or level three.

TRG Help Desk Level 3

At level three, hardware or software modification defined by the second Help Desk level is executed, tested and validated by the third level. Your device is then shipped back to it's origin or placed in your spares pool for later use.

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