Retail Managed Services

The Next Generation of Retail Management

TRG’s Retail Managed Services provide a comprehensive solution to managing your business’s devices and a single source for all equipment being collected or deployed. We ensure timely, efficient, scalable, and cost-effective deployments of numerous brands and models of mobile devices including POS systems, barcode scanners, mobile computers, barcode printers, Apple devices, tablet computers and more. Our online portal, ServiceHub®, is available for tracking, managing and reporting on all equipment allowing you to monitor and control your assets. You can customize your dashboard to suit your business needs and we have the ability to integrate into any help desk system.

Store POS Deployment / Collection

Whether you are opening a new store, closing an existing one, or managing devices across multiple store locations, TRG offers a scalable, efficient solution for your business.

Mobile deployments

TRG will ship all your devices directly to your retail establishments. Once the store receives these assets, they are ready to be used.

Device staging and configuration

TRG's professional staff will stage and test your devices in our facility before deployment to your stores.


TRG will kit your equipment with the necessary accessories and instructions to insure a no hassle setup for your retail operation.

On-site installation and training

Once the assets are deployed to their destination, TRG employees can assist with on-site installation and training of the software.

Custom dashboard and reporting

Track, manage, and report on all assets with your customized dashboard through TRG's online portal, ServiceHub.

Repair of new, used, and legacy equipment

TRG's team of skilled technicians can repair most manufacturers new and used equipment. Already have legacy equipment out of warranty or has been discontinued by the manufacturer? TRG's expansive inventory of used legacy equipment may be the solution for you.

Spares pool management (Spare in the Air Program)

Be prepared for unexpected downtime with TRG's Spare in the Air program. When a device is no longer working correctly, TRG will send out a working asset to prevent any downtime. TRG will rush ship this device to your stores location.

Help desk support

TRG offers the option of a 24/7 help desk support team for your retail associates’ questions and troubleshooting.

Buyback of used, broken or legacy equipment

Looking to upgrade your equipment but are unsure with what to do with your old devices? TRG will buy back your old or broken equipment. Simply send your assets to TRG and your equipment will be inspected. A rep will contact you once your assets have been evaluated. It's that simple!

Wireless site surveys

TRG Wireless can perform quick, extensive site surveys to determine the efficiency of your wireless networks throughout your business.

Software development

TRG's team of software developers can create customized software applications for your business. Our development services Include: Barcode Applications, Point of Delivery Applications, Vehicle Tracking Systems, Order Entry Applications, Electronic Cataloging Systems, and Specialized Printing. Need a different software solution not listed here? Contact TRG today to discuss your company's needs.


Retail Managed Services

TRG’s Retail Managed Services is the complete solution and can be customized to fit your business needs. Our services will help you reduce downtime while keeping your operation running efficiently. Contact us to see what customized solution we can provide for you today.

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