Case Studies

Solutions for Retailers

When Lord & Taylor department store needed to fulfill hardware requirements at its distribution center, the retailer called on TRG for reliable, refurbished hand-held barcode scanners. Purchasing pre-owned equipment helped Lord & Taylor keep operating costs down and fill a technology gap. The deal was a win-win.

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Replacement Wasn’t an Option

Flint Group, based in Plymouth, Michigan, serves the global printing, converting and colorant industries and has about 40 branches throughout the United States. Collectively, they own about 200 barcode scanners and 125 barcode printers that are off-warranty. Manufacturers will no longer support the products, and neither will many other service providers. Flint Group was having a tough time finding a reliable company to repair their legacy equipment, until they learned about TRG.

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In Search of a One-Stop Shop

Parker Hannifin, a global engineering corporation, was seeking a partner that could service legacy hand-held barcode scanners and barcode printing devices. The challenge: Each division uses a different brand of equipment, and there are countless divisions in the company. Parker Hannifin needed a service provider that could efficiently and cost-effectively repair any brand of off-warranty equipment. The company’s primary goal is to maximize the useful life of its older technology.

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A High-Volume Customer with Big Maintenance Needs

Volvo was looking for one service provider to call for repairing barcode scanners and printers. The catch was, some of Volvo’s sophisticated printers are the size of a conference room, so the company needed a firm that could provide on-site repair. If one of those printers goes down, it can’t be shipped to a repair depot. Volvo also needed a repair partner that could manage a vast inventory of barcode scanners. TRG currently manages repair on at least 3,500 line items for the company.

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A Reliable One-Stop Shop

When Energizer needs to refurbish old equipment, repair barcode scanners or buy new technology, TRG is the national company’s preferred vendor. That’s because TRG makes it easy to do business. “TRG makes my job life easier, and that is invaluable,” says Rob Mastnardo, SAP GEMS Application/Project Manager, Energizer.

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On Time, On Location

Prestige Delivery Systems had always managed the repairs of bar scanner equipment and printers in-house. But between the new and legacy equipment the company owns, it needed more firepower to manage technology issues. So Prestige Delivery called on TRG to manage the overflow of barcode scanner and printer repair—and today, that amounts to about 5,000 units plus some IT equipment.

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