Partner Advantage Program

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Partner with TRG and increase your service value to your customers.

With the TRG Partner Advantage Program, you will have exclusive access to a variety of services such as Repair Solutions, ServiceHub®, Wireless Site Surveys and a variety of product procurement options via refurbished equipment, Trade In / Buy Backs, and Rental Equipment. Designed for our reseller partners in mind, TRG has the necessary partnership and NDA agreements in place to ensure complete confidentiality and trust in our service offerings.

Why Partner with Us?

  • Bring additional value to your company while staying focused on core business objectives
  • Increase customer satisfaction with timely and reliable service
  • Deliver a higher, more measurable ROI
  • Access to pre-owned barcode, data collection, and rental equipment designed to provide affordable options for budget constrained customers
  • Gain the competitive edge by leveraging TRG's leading AIDC expertise as an extension of your company

Our Partnership Promise

VALUE. A dedicated and responsive team that delivers the highest quality of service.

EXPERTISE. Highly knowledgeable and skilled technical team at your fingertips.

LOYALTY. Providing dependable service and support.


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How does the Program Work?

Simply sign a reseller partnering agreement and you’ll have access to all of our program offerings. At TRG, we understand how important your customer relationship is, which is why we customize our benefits to meet you and your customer’s specific needs.

Program Contact

Nick Young | Vice President of Technical Services|  Phone: 440-788-2292|  Email: