Complete Repair Services for all Manufacturers’ Equipment

Your business can’t afford downtime when IT equipment needs to be repaired, and it can be disastrous when manufacturer support for your mobile devices has been discontinued. As a third-party service provider, we offer complete repair services for all manufacturers’ equipment to maximize your equipment investment and extend its life. We are budget-minded and quality-driven. Our expert technicians will quickly deliver repair results that keep you up and running efficiently.

Certified TRG Seal

The Certified TRG Seal is a badge of quality—a promise to our customers that the service and support they receive is held to the highest standards. TRG Certified Repair means your equipment was serviced by an experienced technician who knows your barcode and scanning technology inside and out. It means repairs are accomplished efficiently and at your convenience. We stand behind all repairs – our service is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

TRG Certified Repair TRG Certified Refurb

Professional and Flexible Depot Repair Options

TRG offers annual or multi-year depot maintenance contracts customizable to your needs and turnaround times. With our 7,500 square-foot technical laboratory and our deployment center, we can extend the life of your hardware and reduce maintenance costs more efficiently than ever before. Expert technicians quickly troubleshoot and repair all issues with your hardware, then send it back promptly. When you want to manage costs without sacrificing quality and reliability, count on TRG’s Depot Repair.

Choose from these Depot Repair options:

Service Turnaround Time Benefit
Spares Pool Management Overnight For critical needs, unit is ready for production
Standard 5-7 Days Total coverage for normal wear and tear; includes labor and materials
Comprehensive 5-7 Days Includes Standard plus device abuse
Priority 3-5 Days Expedited Standard or Comprehensive

Time & Materials Repair

Contract-Free Service Options

Even if your business does not have a contract in place with TRG, we offer the same professional and quick repair options through our Time & Materials program. Just choose a turnaround time and ship your equipment to TRG, and our technicians will repair and ship it back to you. Don’t compromise with other service providers – Choose TRG, the best option for your contract-free repair needs. For a repair estimate, contact one of our sales representatives today.

Choose from these available Time & Materials turnaround times:

Service Turnaround Time
Platinum 3-5 Days
Gold 5-7 Days
Silver 7-10 Days
Bronze 10-25 Days

TRG Technician Onsite Repair

Onsite Repair Options to Serve Your Business Needs

Whether you need immediate service at your business or if depot repair does not suit your needs, TRG offers a full range of Onsite Repair options and response times. Our experienced technicians will troubleshoot and repair your equipment, strengthen it against breakdowns, and protect your bottom line. Contact us to learn more about customized onsite repair options and eligibility. TRG, for when you cannot afford downtime.

TRG’s Entire Suite of Repair and Maintenance Services is Available for Onsite Repair:

Choose from these Onsite Repair options:

Service Turnaround Time
Expedited NBD (Next Business Day)
Standard 2BD (2nd Business Day)

Deploying Mobile Devices Can be a Huge Burden on Your In-House IT Staff

TRG provides comprehensive, single-source deployment solutions to manage all devices collected or deployed. With capabilities ranging from staging, kitting and configuration to onsite installation and user training, TRG simplifies technology rollouts across a broad range of device types, brands and operating systems, reducing costs and risks and freeing up internal resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

TRG can deploy up to 40,000 devices each month thanks to the expertise of our staff and our state-of-the art facilities, providing your organization with the benefits of new technology without the burdens associated with deployment.

TRG Buyback Scanners

TRG will Buyback your Obsolete Equipment

It is not uncommon for an organization to have a backroom or warehouse filled with obsolete barcode scanners, mobile devices, & computer equipment. Why let it sit on your shelves? Did you know that TRG is one of the largest buyers of pre-owned barcode and data collection equipment? We’ll purchase your end-of-life or surplus equipment for cash. Our Buyback Program lets you earn money back on your equipment, and re-invest those dollars into brand-new or quality refurbished products to suit your business needs. Our team of experts will evaluate your old equipment and give you the best return possible.

Get The Most Out Of Your Wireless Network

TRG Wireless can perform quick, extensive site surveys to determine the efficiency of your wireless networks throughout your business. Site surveys are invaluable to businesses and can yield:

  • Stronger, faster and consistent internet for all end users
  • Increased reliability and expanded wireless networks with less outages
  • Reduction of downtime and increased security of your network

The Power of AIDC + Payment Solutions

TRG offers the most comprehensive suite of hardware, software and service solutions for all POS and payment processing needs.

From selling and servicing new or legacy POS hardware to managing configuration and deployment to providing in-house key injection services … TRG is in the best position to serve as your complete, one-stop solution.

Eliminate the high cost of the wrong label/ribbon

TRG maintains an in-house media & consumables team, dedicated to providing complete solutions to meet any packaging, identification or tracking need. Our solutions include:

  • Standard label and ribbon for all regular printers / usage
  • Custom label and ribbon designed specifically for your equipment, unique applications and business needs
  • Managed inventory / auto-order programs to prevent downtime and maintain productivity
  • Bulk ordering discounts to increase uptime and improve ROI

Experts in Enterprise Mobility

TRG provides Mobility as a Service (MaaS), the most comprehensive mobility lifecycle management solution designed for business.

TRG MaaS combines “on-demand” hardware, services and analytics into one simple, predictable monthly payment. Pricing is tiered based on selected services, but regardless of level, includes real-time reporting and analytics via TRG’s proprietary online portal, ServiceHub®.

Companies today face unique challenges related to shifts in worker behavior, significant increases in remote workers and greater numbers of BYOD, COPE and IoT devices. As organizations revisit their corporate systems to mitigate risks around security, connectivity and privacy management, too often this comes at the expense of a successful mobility strategy.

Leverage TRG UEM Support (Unified Endpoint Management) to overcome these challenges and fully optimize your mobility program. With capabilities ranging from reactive incident support to proactive management and consulting, TRG simplifies mobility management across a broad range of devices and operating systems … reducing costs and risks and freeing up internal resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.