Time & Materials Repair Services

TRG offers time & materials repair services for mobile equipment.

Quick Turnaround With TRG

TRG’s Time & Materials service is simple. You don’t need to have a contract to experience the difference our expert technicians make for mobile equipment. All you need to do is select a turnaround time that fits your schedule and ship your equipment to us. Our turnaround times include:

  • Platinum – 3-5 Days
  • Gold – 5-7 Days
  • Silver – 7-10 Days
  • Bronze – 10-25 Days

Once our team has received your mobile equipment, they will get to work repairing any issues to get your units working like they should again.

Time & Materials Mobile Equipment Repairs from TRG

When it comes to repairing your equipment, you want experts you can trust. TRG has provided customers with tremendous service since 2002 and our time and materials repairs can keep your equipment in excellent condition for when you need them.

Contact us today  about getting a repair estimate from one of our sales representatives for your mobile equipment.