TRG UEM Support (“Unified Endpoint Management”)


While investing in mobility has its own set of challenges, managing it is even more complex. TRG UEM Support can help.

Companies today face unique challenges related to shifts in worker behavior, significant increases in remote workers and greater numbers of BYOD, COPE and IoT devices. As organizations revisit their corporate systems to mitigate risks around security, connectivity and privacy management, too often this comes at the expense of a successful mobility strategy.

Leverage TRG UEM Support (Unified Endpoint Management) to overcome these challenges and fully optimize your mobility program. With capabilities ranging from reactive incident support to proactive management and consulting, TRG simplifies mobility management across a broad range of devices and operating systems … reducing costs and risks and freeing up internal resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.


TRG UEM Support plans range from standard support during normal business hours to a fully managed offering, 365 days per year. In addition, TRG offers customized consulting engagements unique to each client’s needs, including rollout strategies, golden image development, end user training and asset reporting and analytics.



  • Reduce risk of data loss – 24/7 lock & wipe
  • Ensure timely upgrades & patching
  • Improve governance & reporting
  • Lock down & audit access & change


  • Don’t get bogged down in day-to-day support
  • Focus on innovation & transformation
  • Reduce risk – minimize upfront investment
  • Stay flexible & nimble


  • Leverage TRG’s efficiency & expertise
  • Avoid hidden costs of increasing headcount
  • Gain transparency on mobility costs
  • Estimated to save 15-50% annually


  • Reduce complexity – single point of contact for mobility
  • Reduce training burden
  • Guaranteed service quality – ITIL, SLAs, KPIs
  • Scalability – ramp up or down quickly
  • Certainty – remove key person risk



Nearly 20 years of expertise, with 10+ million devices under management

Proven track record with 5,000 customers provides unparalleled knowledge of products, processes & best practices

Fully integrated, predictive business intelligence using proprietary platform

TRG’s online portal, ServiceHub, is capable of API integration with other leading platforms, providing real-time, in-depth access to equipment analytics

Largest pure play provider in the industry

Service centers across North America & Europe