TRG Wireless

TRG Wireless

Why Perform a Wireless Health Check Survey?

Most companies do not check their wireless systems regularly. Often, wireless access points will be configured, deployed and forgotten. Wireless systems can also be installed incorrectly from the beginning without proper evaluations. Site surveys analyze the best spots for access points and determine the best settings to ensure each user maintains optimal wireless internet performance.

Installation, Analyzation, Optimization

TRG Wireless will install new wireless systems, analyze existing systems, and optimize over time through ongoing assessments to make sure everything is operating efficiently.

TRG Wireless Site Surveys Deliver:

  • Recommended Access Point installation locations with accompanying drawings
  • Detailed Site Survey report including individual floor plans, points of interface, and out-of-scope areas
  • Heat map detailing RF signal coverage for individual floor plans
  • Spectrum analysis for individual floor plans of potential interference, such as microwave ovens
  • Preliminary planning session to confer on objectives and goals for the survey assessment. This includes detailing both in-scope and out-of scope areas for design, using analysis to detail and mitigate problem areas of interference
  • Execution of Site Survey (including both indoors and outdoors), active surveys with real-time measurements, spectrum analysis, and Voice over WiFi surveys if necessary
  • A complete, detailed and easy-to-read report of each section of the Site Survey and bill of materials installation including access point antennae, power injectors, cable and grounding

TRG Wireless Site Survey Heat Map Examples

Spectrum Analyzer

Received Signal Strength Indicator

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Channels 5ghz