Virtual Facility Tours

We believe in working hard and playing hard. Our corporate headquarters outside of Cleveland was designed specifically as a fun place to visit and work—because we know it’s our employees that make us different, make us better. Employees who feel more engaged and WANT to come into the office work harder and stay longer.

We offer a variety of perks and quirks to support this philosophy, including a full length indoor basketball court, spacious gym, golf simulator, video games, ping pong, air hockey, jungle gym, trampoline, bounce houses, tiki bar with built-in kegerators and indoor patio area.

In normal times, we loved welcoming visitors and hosting events. Since things have changed as part of our new health and safety protocols, we thought we’d find another way to bring the TRG experience to life … virtual tours! Take a look around our Headquarters and Retail Deployment Center using the links below.

New to virtual tours? Scroll to the bottom of the page to reference a few tips!

Headquarters 3D Virtual Tour

Our corporate headquarters is located outside of Cleveland, Ohio – an 80,000 square foot facility that houses our back office, 7,500 square foot tech lab and 25,000 square foot warehouse.

Retail Deployment Center Virtual Tour

Down the street from our headquarters is our Retail Deployment Center – a 45,000 square foot facility that houses our retail tech lab, retail deployment center and solutions showcase.

Virtual Tour Tips

New to virtual tours? Here’s a few tips to optimize your experience!

  • Click on the Play button to begin the tour.
  • Click on the gray circles to manually navigate and “walk” through the building.
  • Click on the blue circles to learn more about that area.
  • You can adjust your view using the icons in the bottom lefthand corner:
    • Arrow icon: allows you to view and select highlights of the facility
    • Play icon: auto-navigates you through the facility
    • Dollhouse icon: allows you to view an overhead 3d view of the facility. Use the scroll button on your mouse to zoom in and out. Double click to jump to a specific area.
    • Person icon: allows you to revert back to manual navigation mode
    • Floorplan icon: allows you to view an overhead 2d view of the floorplan. Double click to jump to a specific area.
    • Floor Selector icon: allows you to jump between levels

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